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InnoTab 2S

Fun and Educational Games, Activities, and Tools

The VTech InnoTab 2S offers a variety of games, activities, and onboard apps that keep your child happy and busy for hours. Its multimedia players let children listen to music and view video, while the art-studio app allows them to draw with their fingers or one of the two included styluses. Kids can even color in the InnoTab 2S’s virtual coloring book pages and bring their pictures to life by tilting the tablet from side to side.

Children can learn how to schedule their days with the calendar function and keep track of friends and family in their address book. The included calculator app helps kids learn math.

InnoTab 2S

Multifunctional Fun at Your Fingertips

In using the InnoTab 2S, our testers found the tablet durably constructed and sleekly designed. The bright color screen offers a sizable display for kids to enjoy the included games, activities, and apps. Even without reading the instructions, our testers found the universal symbols on the buttons and display easy to use and understand. However, kids in the recommended age group will most likely need help downloading activities and apps. Our testers recommend parental setup and supervision so that kids can get the most out of the InnoTab 2S experience.

The VTech InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet is backed by a manufacturer’s 90-day limited warranty.

Vtech InnoTab 2SInnoTab 2S

  • Secure Wi-Fi connections to VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator
  • Built-in rotatable digital photo and video camera
  • Interactive e-books offer graphics, sounds, and music
  • 5-inch color touch screen and tilt sensor
  • 2 GB onboard memory with expandable SD card slot Recommended for ages three to nine years old


InnoTab 2S Review

Here is one of the honest innotab 2s review by Jerry Palmerino Jr that already purchase and use this innotab.

In my Innotab 2 review, I said: “We got the original Innotab for my two year old son because of the Cars and Thomas game packs. Plus, it reduced his desire to use (and potentially damage) the iPad. This Innotab is a slight improvement over the original, as it features a camera.

The selection of physical cartridges for the Innotab series seems on-par with the other brands, so that wasn’t a concern when choosing this device. We haven’t signed up online to download new ones yet.

What is a concern is the rate at which the batteries are drained. One or two days use (depending on use) is all you will get. I actually think its more like 6-8 hours.

My son enjoys the built-in apps as well.

Overall, this is a great device. If you own the original Innotab, upgrading to this isn’t exactly needed.”

Now, here’s the deal. This should have been the Innotab 2 from the start. I love wireless….but the only thing you can access wirelessly is VTech’s Learning Lodge. Don’t expect to be surfing the latest news site on this…it is made for kids…and the limitation is a good thing. There’s no need to monitor what they access, since they can’t. They can add things they want from the Lodge to their wishlist. This connection does make content easy to get for parents. No more tethering to my pc.

The physical appearance of the device continues to change. After looking at all three closely, you begin to see the changes in the thickness of the rubber corner bumpers, the color of the front faceplate surrounding the screen, etc. No big deal, but the 2s does have a darker appearance due to the black surrounding the screen.

Bottom line: We chose the original Innotab over the Leappad and haven;t looked back. This device keeps getting better.

We already done the research and spend a lot of time for you. CLICK HERE to find out where to get the best deal on Innotab 2S.